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2000 SLK230 with vaccuum in fuel tank

My SLK 230 has substantial vaccuum in the fuel tank when I remove the gas cap. Raising on a hoist let me inspect the charcoal canister and the control valve connected to it and it seemed to have quite a bit of water in both of them.

I had to have the unit towed in off the highway beause of a stall situation where the cruise kicked off and the accelerator quit working but the car continued to run until shut off.... then didn't want to start again it had set awhile.

My hunch is the two problems are connected with the vaccuum in the tank reducing fuel flow untill tank vents through seepage or cap removal.

Has anyone heard of a similiar problem? or a possible solution to it. I assume there is a control valve that is malfunctioning and not venting fuel fumes properly. One person also mentioned that the tank might be semi-collasped but I cant see it as it is enclosed with an obvious way to visually inspect it.

Any suggestions?

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