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Thanks Lee,

I DO appreciate you response.

As I noted before, my concerns are in getting the car repaired in a smaller town. It was a disaster scheduling and getting the 1992 500SEL to the shop 60 miles away.

My 1996 S500 has been a completely enjoyable car (with respect to repairs and problems)but, I am not looking to spend another $90K just yet. I wanted an earlier 129 model, thinking it would be relatively cheaper and might be less troublesome than the 1992/93 140's.

Funny you mention the Warrentech warranty, because thats what the Mercedes dealership recommended, and I got it on my 1996.

I hate to sound "gun-shy" but my 1992 500SEL with its myriad of problems and expenses, makes me leary of any pre 1994 "hightech" Mercedes.

It would appear the early 129's are not anymore reliable or less technical than the 1992 140 I had, which will make my enjoyment drastically reduced, and impossible to have repairs done locally.