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my 617 is magical

So ive always known my 300dt was faster than average. it has low miles and all around runs great. 0-60 in 12.5 seconds. But, i was bored today after i got home from pick n pull and decided to play with the alda. I turned it all the way in for fun, the car would hardly move. It was fun. I turned it out past what it had been, a little faster now off the line. Still no smoke though!(keep in mind the car had zero smoke when i floored it, and it hauls ass for a 617). So i figuered well keep turning it up till theres excess fuel to throw black smoke, then turn it back a little. SO i keep turning, still no smoke even floored. So i turn it all the way out, full fuel. Very little smoke at all. Just a tad. But, its amazing though. The off the line is much faster. Much much faster. I was stopped at a turn, floored it and broke the wheels loose. (im serious, but i was in a turn, but it wouldnt have done this before). So im wondering, whats up? Wheres all my black smoke? Not that i want it to smoke, I always thought that if you turn your alda all the way up your going to dump lots of excess fuel in there. But my engine just sucks it up and pulls the car forward. Could this be becuase the engine is young and probably has good compression, so it can take the excess fuel and burn it completely?

My mpg was already bad (22, the alda has been tampered with before which may explain the power this car had even when i got it) but now i expect maybe a 1-2mpg drop.

Does anyone else here expierence the same thing, or do you just get alot of smoke? Is there something wrong with my car thats making it feel so right?
1981 300SD 512k OM603

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