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I ran a VMI on the vehicle in question, just for kicks. Since a VMI only shows work done under warranty, I have no way of knowing whether or not the regular maintenance schedule was followed. However, with such low mileage, I'd give this car a serious look, if I were a potential buyer, the low mileage, at least to me, would be very atractive. I know that many Shop Forum members warn against buying low mileage "garage queens", but I think that a low mileage W124 could be a great find. My reasoning is simple. There's just not that many around anymore. If the car was kept in a garage (out of the Sun), that's a huge plus.

Back to the VMI. The car was prepped for delivery in November, 1993. It was delivered to the owner in August, 1994. The head gasket was replaced in April, 1998. A few taillight bulbs, a window regulator, noisy brakes, and a slow sunroof were the only issues fixed by the dealer, between February, 1996, and April, 1998.

MB Roadside Assistance gave this car five "jump starts", between June, 1998, and July, 2004.
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