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300e School Car

I bought a 89 300E three years ago for my daughter to use for school. I figured if she got hit or hit someone ,she would be surrounded by 4000lbs of Tuetonic steel and hopefully have a better survival change than those little Civics .It cost $4500 with 185K miles on it. Changed all the fluids, put new injectors and brakes and it. She has put 25K on it in three years with just minimual maintanence cost until the Christmas. I did a head job and all the related items for about $600. Redoing the steering linkage this week for another $200 but It will be good for another daughter next year. I found out the more you baby it and keep the fluids clean it will be good for you. A/C problems are a little gremlins on these older 300's.

P.S. The other thing is you 'll upset the apple cart at school when your kids drive a Mercedes. The other parents will give you grief because their kids say " Well Sally has a Mercedes!"

Good Luck.
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