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85 instrument cluster into a 83, will it work?? W126

I have a 1983 300SD, and want to put in an instrument cluster from a 1985 300SD, that someone is selling online. My question is this, is my speedometer going to be accurate, how about my odometer? Also, did the 85 have the outside temp sensor? If so is there a simple way to rig that up to my 83(like buying a temp sensor and installing it, or does it run through a separate comp, or does the 85 not have that option?) I know 85's can have abs, but all that would be is a dummy light not coming on correct? Will all hook-ups be the same? If not are they modifiable so that they will work (modifying is fun...D ) thanks in advance, I know my question may be complicated but Iím sure SOMEONE knows out there!
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