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Yikes! Few shops have the proper tools to do a valve job on 16V's. My suggestion is find a shop that can do it right. I wouldn't leave my 16V like that (not with any new noise). If the shop has done valve jobs on E30 M3's than they have the tools and knowledge to do it to your car. The fuel pump relay is $115, but that is not likely your stalling problem. I know lots of people who have dumped thousands of dollars into replacing parts to fix the 16V's stalling. None of which ever got it fixed. Only two people I know have every elimninated the stalling problem (I am one of them). We both found the problem to be a cold solder in the CIS-E computer (Mercedes is not known for there electronics). I (as did the other party) took the computer apart and resoldered every compenent, since then, no more stalling. All 16V's I know of stall, and this is the only known fix I have ever heard of (like I said, I know people who have literally spent thousands of dollars to try and fix it too).

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