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Holy Moly!

Not sure why the stock chip and the PAD chip may not be working. Only thing I can think of is maybe there is some type of reset that you leading on about or maybe the chips may have accidentaly been damaged due to static electricty.

Hope it's the first one I mentioned. On the Superchip with the broken prong, you any good at soldiering??? You may be able to take the chip and prong to a electronic technician and have him soldier the prong back as long as there is still some metal material left to soldier to on the chip side, but he be better good. If it is repairable be had better use plenty of heat sinks so that the microchip inside is not damaged to heat from the soldier job. He should use a big iron with plenty of flus on both surfaces to ensure a fast clean soldier join.

Or maybe someone on this board that has access to the equipment necessary can reproduce a chip for you for a couple of bucks.
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