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Question 300SDL at 97000 mi - need expert advice

This 87SDL is at 97K miles so I figure at 100K I need:
* XMission service
* Timing chain/tensioner
* AC system flush (? - want to be careful - I'm in Texas)
* (what else)?

I use:
* Mobil1 15/50
* Texaco premium low sulfer diesel

But here's my REAL question. Ever since trap oxidizer removal, it smokes too much for my liking when accelerating past 3000 RPM (grey smoke). It starts/runs/idles smoothly and there's no oil consumption or coolant leak prob.

Have tried:
* Techron
* GK40
* K&N air filter

I want this car run as cleanly as it possibly can. I've heard that new injectors always help at this age

Any suggestions for unusual but documented exhaust arrangements, intake arrangements, additives, timing/injection arrangements, etc. are appreciated.

Thank you.
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