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Couple comments on your two points.

First point. It is tougher to pass the diesel ratings (Ch-4) than the gasoline ratings (SJ) and Delo passes both. "It is specifically formulated for diesel engines" does not make it an inferior oil for gasoline engines. As a matter of fact, it is a far superior oil in gasoline engines than any conventional oil formulated for gasoline engines. A few years back, there was an article about these universal oils and the MBCA techie (Frank King?) heartedly recommend them for all engines, diesel or gasoline.

About the second point. Can you find a conventional oil, synthetic blend, or even some synthetics that have the following Delo 15W-40 properties:

Pour point: -38 deg F; Flash point: 446 deg F; Cold Cranking Viscosity (CCV): 3150 cP at -15 deg C.

As a reference, here are the same numbers for the Rotella full synthetic 5W-40 oil:

Pour point: -22 deg F; Flash point: 475 deg F; Cold Cranking Viscosity: 6400 cP at -30 deg C.

And here are the numbers for Rotella's 10W-40 synthetic blend:

Pour point: -27 deg F; Flash point: 405 deg F; Cold Cranking Viscosity: 3200 cP at -20 deg C.

As you can see, the Delo has a lower pour point than synthetic blend and full synthetic oil. It has a very nicely low CCV and its flash point is very high.

BTW, the Rotella full synthetic uses a Group III base stocks.

First, SAE doesn't rate motor oil anymore, it's done by API.
Finally, oil viscosity is still rated by SAE, not API. Take a look at the API Symbol "Donut", it shoud say SAE xW-xx at the center.

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