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Just A Word Of Caution...

Many Xenon and Xenon-Plasma bulbs being sold as "plug and play" are just tinted Halogen bulbs being sold as Xenons.

The blue coating on the bulb just filters the light frequency output to make it appear "whiter" by masking the yellow that's natural to Halogen, but they aren't any brighter. In fact, the tint diminishes the output of the bulb, so even though they are supposed to be 80/100 Watt bulbs, they aren't any brighter than the ones on the car already.

Especially avoid a Korean brand called "BioLight", the company admitted to me that their products are all coated Halogen bulbs. These bulbs are usually sold on ebay by a seller shipping out of Taiwan using the name "autobulbs" or "autobulbs4less".

Remember, there are HID, or High Intensity Discharge bulbs (these are the ones that are a major mod), Xenon, Or Xenon-Plasma bulbs that will usually replace the stock units (but beware cheap ones, I have been told that they will sometimes melt your stock wire set-up), and these ultra cheapo Halogens that have been coated.

Do your homework, check your local laws to see if the ones you want to use are legal on your car, and make sure you are buying quality products that are actually what they saw they are.
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