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Longston, you’re still alive? I thought the Delco X-66 killed you off…

Just because an oil is diesel rated does not *in any way* mean that it is inappropriate for use in a gasoline fueled engine. As noted above, it is rated for use in both compression ignition & spark ignition engines. As a matter of fact, the higher soot suspension capacity of a CH oil can be advantageous in a higher mileage engine, with its inherent additional blowhard… oops, I meant blowby…

Loubapache has done a significant amount of research & appears to posses a thorough understanding on this subject matter. To discount this input in the manner that you displayed is unwarranted. Perhaps it is you that needs to, and I quote you here, “forget everything you think you have learned about motor oils and start over”. Do you believe that this language confers a tone of moderated debate, or one of pompous arrogance?

Do your own research into the differing base stocks & what is legally allowed to be labeled a “synthetic” oil. Look at the specifications. (This reminds me of one of the funniest lines in “A Fish Called Wanda”. Kevin Kline dialoguing with Jamie Lee Curtis: JLC: You’re an ape. KK: Apes don’t read philosophy. JLC: Yes, apes do read philosophy, - they just don’t understand it.)

Regarding the other threads you listed: Are you familiar with the old maxim of (paraphrasing here) “If they printed it, then it must be true”. How about this one (paraphrasing again): “tell a lie often enough, tell it convincingly enough, and people will believe it to be the truth”. Knowledge is power. Ignorance is…well, …uhh... it’s ignorance.

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