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I disconnected the O2 sensor and it did go to 45% dwell which is 50% duty cycle. I let it run for 15 minutes and it was rock steady at 50%. I grounded the connector to the O2 sensor and it slightly moved, then I connected a 1.5V battery with the ground on Chassis and the positive on the O2 connector. It immediately started going down to zero duty, just as it had with the O2 sensor. Looking at the schematic, the O2 sensor connects directly to the CIS-E control unit and that doesn't leave me with much to check. Any ideas? I'm leaving replacement of the CIS-E unit for the very last resort. It would be great if my testing method was wrong, but the fact that the oscilloscope and the dwell meter agree, somewhat leads me to believe my method is probably OK. Ideas?
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