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We professionals don't mind helping a week-end mechanic, who has mechanical abilities,with some problem.For some guys,tinkering with their cars is relaxing and provides a sense of accomplishment.You on the other hand do not even have a clue.I can't believe we have spent as much time on you as we we have.I have 3 of the SLs like yours,and they are expensive toys.Now quit being so CHEAP and take it in.I've already given you all the clues on how to find the right person;reread my earlier posts.There is a limited number of professional mechanics on this site,and it is unfair of you to monopolize their time trying to get your car running for FREE.Others appreciate the help.I will be glad to answer tech questions for you in the future,since I know that car from end to end,but only after you've taken it in and got it running.
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