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If that's true, you have read all of my postings about all of the research I have done on the subject...
Sorry, Scott , if you call that research. I have read your posts and found them full of convoluted mis-information. I use a few in the first thread you posted as examples:

Mercedes should revise their literature, as a CF rated oil is not designed for use in direct injection diesel engines. Mobil 1 has a CF rating. In my 1982 300SD, it would work great, but in a newer diesel with direct injection you need a CG-4 or even a CH-4 rated oil. DelVac or DelVac 1, DELO 400 or Rotella T may meet your requirements.
Can you tell me which Mercedes diesel, sold in the US, is direct injection?

An older Mercedes diesel with indirect injection will do just fine with Castrol 20W50.
Are you saying Castrol 20W50 carries a C rating? Do you have a scan? I agree with you that a diesel engine should use oil that carries a C rating but Castrol 20W50 does not have that. Yes, oil has changed, so has the ratings (you said, oil has not changed, only the ratings).

I can go on and on and on if I have the time.

You can have the last word on this thread as I am not going to reply anymore to your posting.

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