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Thanks guys for all the positive comments. I am happy to answer any questions. I recognize that if the car was running it would go for a much higher price. Since I am looking for a job presently, I need the room in the drive and money more than the car. I have had several other MBZ cars previously and still have the C280, so I will stay around on this forum.

It is important to me that whoever buys the car can be happy with the deal. I know I could get more for the car if I parted it out, but I just don't want to tick off my neighbors in the process. It is my opinion that the car could live on. It appears to me that the problem with getting the car to run is either the starter or the key switch. But even if you did not get it running, the chrome, tires, wheels, servo, and other parts would bring more than I am asking.
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