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I found the forum a couple weeks ago and first I would like to say thank you for all the knowledge. This is great. One problem though. Reading about all of the great Mercedes cars has got me thinking I need to upgrade my 92 190 2.6. There is plenty of articles on the 320/300e which is probably what I'll buy, but I have a few questions first. Is the 300ce have the same suspension,hp,reliability etc? What about the AMG version? Also there is'nt much info on the SEC 500/560. Is the SEC 500 high maintenance? Looking through the Trader online adds for my area (San Francisco) all of the above mentioned cars can be purchased for similar prices ($15,000 to $20,000) There are also several 400e ads with similar prices. The car will be my wifes daily driver to work, 15 mi one way (freeway). Any advice greatly appreciated. Keep up the good work.