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It was "GoldenBear" that brought up the direct and indirect injection matter in the first place, so ask him that question...

You're obviously misreading, and taking my comments out of context. For instance, regarding Castrol GTX, I said that it was rated for diesel use under the old system, and it hasn't changed since the rating system did (according to Castrol), so it is still an acceptable motor oil for use in Mercedes diesels. That is a simple fact.

But "convoluted mis-information"? That's a little harsh, isn't it? If you don't understand, ask, don't just condemn something someone says. Also, don't "yield the floor" to me, and deprive us of your knowledge on this, or any other subject. I'm here to learn, so stick around, and let us know what you have to say.

My original point of contention still stands. There is no way that Chevron DELO 400 "performs like a synthetic in every way". You could say that DELO has many desirable properties that make it an excellent multipurpose motor oil, but it isn't a synthetic, and does not perform like one. There is no way I would compare DELO to Mobil 1, Delvac 1, Redline, Amsoil, or even a synthetic blend. If you don't believe what I just wrote, ask a tech or chemist at any synthetic oil company what the difference is. Why not approach my remarks with an open mind, and find out what the facts are?
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