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Question Well...

I did think I asked a simple question. Boy, was I wrong or what?
However, I do have to respond to your inquiry.
I did mentioned in my initial thread that I did a search on the subject and I read the owner's manual BEFORE asking the question for the benefit of other members in this forum. I did not want to ask the dealership because, I believe, 1. they would be bias towards a certain product(s) sold at their place and 2. I wanted input from owners and techs around the country in this forum to come up with an educated decision in what to get.
I do want to get as much knowledge from this site as much as you and many others but, a one line reply could have avoided all these mambo-jumbo stuff.
I do not question your knowledge in the subject but it is unfortunate the way you want to get your point across.
Do what you preach and read my entire post, may be you can give a specific answer to my original question like some others already did. Thank you!
'86 300E

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