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'88 300TE Dead-have you checked your coil lately?

There we were, 3 kids & wifey and LOTS of stuff, loaded up and on the way to NH for a long weekend. 5 miles from home, we decide to grab some muffins for the trip. Leaving the car idling, I run in and grab a few things. Upon returning to the car, it's not idling. Bad sign. It'll crank, but will not catch at all. Call the flatbed.

Thankfully, being so close to home I was able to get a neighbor to pick me up and bring me to my house, whereby we continued our journey in the 300D.

Got the word today-dead coil. And apparently its low output somehow ruined/burned the cap & rotor? They were 50k old anyway, so no biggie-however, I've yet to seee the labor bill.

Just a word to the wise-this car's got 177k mi on it, and the coil had never been changed.
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