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Lee Scheeler
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Euro spec cars are almost always MUCH faster than their US counterparts. Especially during that time period... While a euro, hence gray market, car can be loads of fun...just ask Benzmac, or any of the other techs, what a nightmare they can be to service here in the US. Not to say all are bad, but let's say our example owner overseas buys a new 560SEC and drives it hard until it has problems, doesn't pass TUV, etc. He then turns around and sells it to a hungry US gray market for much more than it would be worth locally. Caveat Emptor! If you live in Europe, then buying a euro-spec car only makes sense, keeping an aging one in the US usually only leads to financial woes. Euro-spec cars that have been "converted" are still questionable. To get them to the level where they are totally compliant they are not much fun and vise-versa.