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Well I looked at 2 cars yesterday.First one was kinda beat up and overheated after a pretty wild test drive.I learned what a low water in the radiator gauge looks like. My 190 dont have one of those. Second car was in Hayward during commute traffic. Didnt get a chance to test the radiator gauge. These cars flat move out. I traded a Grand National for my 190 and I'm pretty sure a 400E will beat a GN. We had the first car in a four wheel slide on a winding road near San Rafael. My boss was with me during the test drive. He bought the second car we looked at. Its a 92 with 91000 mi, white with black int. His car is not as fast as the first car. Do they put different gears in 400s? Maybe wrong plugs? His car had supposedly just got a tuneup. Since we were in heavy traffic when we test drove it we never had a chance to really rap it out. On the ride home we found it was down on horses maybe 10% to 15% versus the first car. Any ideas why?

1992 190E 2.6 100k
San Francisco