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Identification of old headlight lens, not necessarily M-B

I've been collecting headlights and headlight parts for about 45 years, ever since I got an "A" on a high school physics paper about the then-new asymmetrical low beams being introduced in Europe. One item which I have never really identified is a lens and trim ring (the latter very rusty, but originally painted, not chromed) which seems to be designed to lean back just a bit at the top like the Mercedes of the late '50s -- not nearly so much as the lights on VWs or Porsches of the era; the fluting of the lens suggests that it may be pre-asymmetric, but I'm not sure.

On the bottom of the lens is a trademark with an Aladdin's lamp surrounded by a gear (?), and with the words (as best as I can read them) "Cristal Faessa" on each side of it. On the right side (as you look at it) is "INCFISA-5923" and on the left is "189-C." I haven't found any markings on the metal rim.

Does this ring a bell (light a bulb) for anyone?
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