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I think I have the Number 1 cylinder running the same as the others.
(the plug looks the same) so no more running lean on the cylinder (for now)
I pulled all injectors/lines
took apart,cleaned thouroughly,and reinstalled.
The car is running the same!
which is bad.
It seems as though there is not enough fuel pressure on the right side.
when I crack the injector lines (up top) on the left side , the engine starts choking,
if I do this on the right side injector lines,
it doesn't make much,if any difference?????
(also ,climate control acting up)
I can drive the car ,but it can hardly get out of its own way from take off!
any help greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
'60 190b
'77 300D
'78 240D
'82 300TD
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