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Unhappy dead miss at idle speed

I need help! I have a 1992 190e 2.3 8v with a serious miss at idle speed. The car has 202k miles. When the car is cold, it idles great for 20 seconds. After that, it's like the choke turns off. I guess the cold start injector turns off. This is when it starts missing. It's very sluggish at low RPM's. It is also getting very bad gas milage, like 10mpg. It black smokes at idle and on take off. I've talked to several mechanics over the passed 3 months. I've even used some of this sites suggestions to no avail. I have checked fuel pressure and compression. I've checked the timing chain for slack and valve adjustment. I've replaced plugs, wires, fuel pressure reg, dis-cap, rotor, fuel injectors, all 4, O2 sensor, CIS temp sensor, thermo-vac switch. None of the suggestions have had any affect on this problem. please help?

1990 Montero 150k
1992 190E 202k
1997 BMW 328i 51k

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