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Well, let's chaulk this post & thread in the "DUMB ASS" file!!!!!

Goes something like this:

Wife: "Honey, the rear door lights & dome light won't go out!"

DA Husband (Me!): Did you check the rocker switch on the panel?"

Wife: "Yes!"

DA Husband procedes to over diagnosis the problem by posted to this site instead of using his "good-eye" to reassure himself that the rocker switch is in the "Off" position!

Three days to wait on the door switches @ $2.40 ea + shipping only to be humbled by the most common sense approach from the experts on this excellent site!

Three threads later....he flips the rocker switch to the "OFF" position!!!!

Call me "COLUMBUS"....if I pulled my head outta my ass, I'd find a whole new world!!!!!!!

Thanks Guys......try not to fall down laughing!
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