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After buying my first oil filter for my 1994 E320 from F@stLane, the only thing I needed was to get the filter off. I called my MB dealer in the burbs of Detroit, they said that they do not sell oil filter wrenches. They recommended that I call Snap-On, thanks for nothing.

I searched the F@STLANE where I bought the luck.

I then called the local Import Auto Parts store and they only sell strap wrenchs. There no room to fit a strap wrench on my car. I was ready to pay anyone $30 -$40 if I could only find the #%^& thing. During this time I am racking up the miles this oil change.

I got out my digital calipers and measured the filter cap and counted the "flats" on the filter cap. 74mm and 15 flats.

Your right Ashman, its a size "B" at Murray's Autoparts, thanks.

If anyone else is looking for a filter wrench, Ritefit is the manufacturer and its size "B". It's only $3 and it has a lifetime warranty.

Also, know I understand why you all use Topsiders. I had to remove six screws to get the bottom engine cover off. Takes way to long. Too bad MB doen't have a little access panel down there for us who like to check-out down below while we are servicing the vehicle.

Thanks, John
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