Thread: Dash Oil Leak
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Old 06-14-1999, 08:07 AM
Tom Lyttle
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My 78 300D has (apparently since some time) sprung an oil leak in the dash
area. the entire underside on the driver's side is soaked with an oily
substance. It drips on the break pedal (and pant legs). It is also evident
around the ignition key area. Does the vacuum lock system run through this
area. Could it be a bad vacuum pump that's somehow backing up? The vacuum
lock system does not work on this car. Or, could it be the line from the oil pressure guage? I've never rempved the instrument cluster on the 78 300D. Is it as easy as removing the one on the 300SD? Any suggestions?

Tom Lyttle
91 350SDL
82 300SD
78 300D