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I went downtown this morning to search for brushes that would fit this beast. I found them on the first try at an electrical supply company. I asked them how much I owed them and the manager just snickered and said to take them off his hands, he really needed to get rid of this old inventory. I then went home and fitted the brushes which were remarkably close in size but did need filing to fit just right. They worked great, the motor ran like new. I tried moving the armature of the motor from side to side to see if there was slop in the bearings but couldn't find any. Later this evening I finished the job by re-installing the windshield washer motor and assorted peripherals. I estimate that I saved about 500 bucks by doing this myself. When one figures the cost of the new blower motor ($250.00) and labor (!!!!!) then I guess I'm coming rather close with that figure.
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