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I'm 6'2" and 160 lbs. I can easily slide under my lowered 300ce and still have room to work with. hehe

I use both a topsider and drain plug methods. I usually do a topsider at all changes, but every 6 months I do a drainplug drain overnight ala larry's method.

Although some ASS stole my topsider off my property. I gotta remember to lock the outside shed. So looks like I'll be ordering a new topsideing tool soon. I think I'll go with an electric pump one.

I never had issues with hot oil. The tube would collapse, but I would topside it for the 20 mins, repump, and do it again. After that it was all good.

Now, I'll pick up a liquivac or somehting similar and just enjoy myself.

'92 300CE - Sold
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