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hey Satish

Long time no hear from How's it going? I've been using your "transformation" pics as a means to shut up a whole lot of mechanics who tell my buddy that the engine will not fit with the 126! I've got a buddy that wants to do something similar to his 560 SEC and when he runs into that kind of talk from the techs, he comes to me and asks me to bring the pics I have in my own huge "benz stuff" binder showing your brilliant account of the "transformation" among other things

Anyway, I'd love to get your opinion on whether to try this with my "new" car.I just picked up an 88 560 SEL (against the wishes of my fiance') with a bit over 300k on her (I can't seem to find an SEC out here!) and it runs fine but love the "look" of that M119 engine in the bay over the stock. Would also like to find some resources to locate a decent M119 to transplant because if I don't find one within the next 3-4 months,I'll probably just let this SEL go and continue the 560 SEC search... Thanks
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