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I am not trying to patronize you or anything just trying to explain what I know...i'm no techy either

Thing is if you don't step on the clutch you are likely locked into a gear. Stepping on the clutch disconnects the engine from the driveshaft which still has momentum when you come to a stop. If your cruising along in gear and you hit the brakes the manual tranny, unlike the auto, can't compensate for the sudden change in speed between the engine and driveshaft on its own.
Off all the manual trannies I have tried not many of the engines could move the car by themselves in first gear without given gas.

I guess if you were fast enough you could hit the brakes hard without the clutch, ABS kicks in, and just before you get to the point of no return (stall speed of the gear your in) you can punch the gas. You can be off again without ever touching the clutch. I think this could be more likely while in first gear. Is this what you mean?
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