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Originally Posted by OldPokey View Post
Let me summarize her theory: "I'm an idiot and have no self control. And it's all your fault." Sounds good to me.
Par for the course in our society. I deal with it every day.
- I was driving along and the tire just "blew up'. It has to be defective.
The fact that you hit a pothole at 70mph has nothing to do with it.

- What do you mean the MMI control is going to cost $1000 ?!?! The truck is 3 weeks old ?
Yes it is but Budweiser isn't original equipment from Germany. The "defective beer" didn't spill on the MMI controls all on it's own.

And the one that takes over the Number 1 spot from "Doesn't my lease cover that ?" is: (phone call)

- Hi, I'm driving one of your cars and I had an accident. How do you guys take care of that ?
It's one of our loaner cars ?
- No, I lease the car from you so it's your car. Do you have a contract with a body shop that can fix the car ?
Um, no mam. It's your car. You make the payments, you pay the insurance. Your lease is merely your contract with the finance company. Free body shop repairs are not included in any lease I've ever heard of. I can recommend a body shop for you.

I drive the car but it's your fault for any single thing that happens to it.......
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