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Old 06-14-1999, 11:40 PM
Paul F
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Well i got my new idler tensioner on Saturday and the car ran and sounded like new, should have known....
Tonight while driving on the highway the transmission started acting up, suddenly the RPM's rose and it felt like it wasn't accelerating. I pulled off the road and when i tried to go again, the RPM's went up and it started to move but it was slipping really bad. Nursing is slowly allowed me to get back upto highway speed. Once the transmission found the right gear and locked in, it pulled hard and no slippage. It was also jerking as it was trying to find the correct gear for the speed. When i got home i found that reverse did not work. A fluid check showed all is good, however the dipstick had a slight burnt smell to it. This is the first indication of anything going wrong with the tranny and i am stumped..this being my first automatic. One other thing comes to mind. The other day when stopping, as i moved the selector from drive to park, it got hung up at the reverse gate. I then dropped it back to drive and back up to park and it went with ease. I am at a loss where to begin troubleshooting. I feel it may just be a simple problem, vac leak, adjustment, or maybe a dirty filter??? Any idea guys??? Thanks

Paul F 190E 139Kmi