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With the stalling as intermintent as it is, it's very hard for a shop to troubleshoot. I guess that is why they just tell people to replace this and that, yet it never fixes the problem. I didn't replace one thing on my car, I didn't have to after talking to so many other people that had replaced everything possibly related. Knowing that I started to think it must be a loose ground or a cold solder, due to the fact it might go for months without stalling and then one day stall 50 times on me. I hadn't been able to find a loose ground, so I removed the CIS-E computer. I have been working with electronics since I was 12 (my dad who is an EE taught me) so I am very comfortable with electronics. I resoldered every component in the CIS-E computer and the car has never stalled since. This has been almost a year ago. There is one other person I know of that has done this too and his no longer stalls either. I have never talked to anyone else who has been able to eliminate the problem. It must have simply been a cold solder (which makes sense to the symptoms). The CIS-E is basically a fuel management computer, so it could easily cause the car to stall.

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