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It amy not be TOO bad if you do your own wrenching, just time consuming

The tranny leak could just be from the pan gasket, but then again I bet it needs front and rear seals. That means you need to drop the tranny. While this isnt too technically difficult in itself, it is a bit of a pain to do in your driveway. Plus youll need a special triple square socket for the tail nut. But will that tranny live much linger? Maybe, maybe not.

And while you have the exhaust down and the drive shaft in order to get the tranny out, I bet you'll need to replace all the rubber flwx plates and center bearing support on the driveshaft. Will that exhaust be worth putting back up? Maybe.

The oil leak could be from anywhere, but I bet it is the cam cover gasket and the rear main seal. These wont be bad cause you'll have the tranny down anyway.

At a 147K I would also bet on a timing chain and rails. Since you'll have the tranny down, you may as well pull the whole damn motor cause its a real drag to do this job in thecar. 12 hours for the delear to do it.

The differential/pinion bearing like to start howling on the 190E. Careful on buying a used one. A dealer rebuilt unit is something like 1200 bucks. Unless you like pain, dont try setting up your own rear end.

Oh yeah, the body work too. How's the steering & front end suspension?

I have driven my 84 190E a long way and she has been very reliable. But when she needs me, it costs me. Not a bad relationship, eh?
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