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All of you guys should know that the sunroof that i worked on and the information i have been giving you is for the sunroofs that just run straight back into the roof. NOT the models that pop up in the back and also run back into the roof because they are each run by two very different techniques.

-Patrick i need a little more information about you car like model, engine, and more details about your sunroof. Is it the kind that only run straight back into the roof? The drooping on the driver's side sounds like you broke one of the little snaps that hold up the liner underneathe the sunroof. There should be 3 or 4 metal snaps, like three pronged spikes that stick up and snap into a hole above. The snap nearest the driver's side probably broke or possibly multiple snaps. The problem with the roof sounds like that small gold clip is broken. You need to pull down the liner under the roof by forcing those snaps out and then you need to pull that liner out from under the roof. Once you do this you should be able to isolate the problem. That clip is most likely not engaging because it is broken or because the cable has worked its way free from the clip. Because when you force the roof back that cable slides back with the roof until it engages with the motor and the motor can wind in the cable. If you need further instruction i am glad to help.

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