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Originally Posted by donbryce View Post
I received my new motor mounts yesterday. Guess what - The right one ($14.47) has the part numbers stamped on it for both the right AND left side, while the left ($45.47) is stamped for the left side only. The left is a Meyle, the right is Kratex. Unless there is something in the rubber compound or manufacturing process that is different, and a close examination tells me there ISN'T, I paid $30.00 too much for nothing.
So, if you want to save the money, order two right side mounts. I can't send mine back and save anything now, because of the shipping, but I can help the next guy out....
In my opinion and especially with motor mounts, If you want to save money go to the nearest MB dealer or call Phil and get a genuine set of MB mounts for about $100.00. The left and right MB motor mounts have different part numbers for a reason.

John Roncallo
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