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I had the same problem last summer. It started working intermittantly and then finally quit. I found it to be the blower regulator which is mounted under the blower motor. The regulator is a molded plastic part (1"x1"x1/2") with wire terminals. It is a "linear" regulator which means it has to dissipate the heat when the blower is turned down to slower speeds. The blower draws a lot of current so it can get very hot. It is mounted to a heatsink and the blower blows air on it to cool it down. I could not bring myself to pay $300+ for this part that should cost less than $10, so I went ahead and designed my own (ok, I'm an elctrical engineer). Instead of the orginal "linear" switch that overheats, I designed a microprocessor controlled "switching" regulator that is cold at any fan speed. It works great and it has been running since last summer with no problems. Maybe I should start making these and sell them for $99? You can replace it yourself if you are handy, but figure several hours if you haven't done it before. A lot of moldings, windshield wiper, etc. have to come off to get to the blower motor. Good luck.
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