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New 190E owner problems !!

Greetings all,

I'm the proud new owner of my first MB a 1989 190E w/89k.
Just a couple of questions.

Sunroof: Is it supposed to tilt as well as slide? If so, why doesn't it tilt? It doesn't even make a sound when I pull on the switch, but it slides great.......

Heat/AC control : There doesn't seem to be much control over the temp of the AC. It seems to be COLD even when I turn the control to the white portion of the dial. Is this normal? If not, any idea what the problem is? I was thinking it could be some sort of rheostat problem.

Antenna : The switch does nothing and the motor doesn't seem to make a sound. Is there a fuse just for the antenna? Or does the motor give up all together?

Trunk Locking : The central locking works fine except it doesn't operate the trunk. The only way to open the trunk is to insert the key, turn 90 to the left and press the button in. To lock turn back to vertical and remove the key. Is this normal of vacuum leaks or actuator problems?

Thanks for any help, sorry about the loooong post.
If anyone can recommend a shop manual (and where to buy) I'll get cracking as soon as poss.

Thanks again,

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