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Let me tell you about my old timing chain tensioner. After I bought the car I learned of the defective tensioner and became concerned. Although I heard no noise and the car drove great I still worried, especially since I do drive the car hard at tracks. My mechanics said the same thing as yours. I decided to go ahead and do the updated tensioner with all the other updates anyway. When we got into the engine, although the chain was still tight, we found part of the tensioner in the oil pan! I was so relieved I decided to go ahead and replace it when I did. Yes it will cost around $1500 to do all the upgrades, but if that tensioner breaks on you, you will easily be looking at spending $5000 or more! I think it is worth the peace of mind to replace it now, it is not going to get any stronger, only weaker. Why risk it?

Adrian Eckenrod
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