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My mechanic friend and I did the lower ball joint on the passenger side of my 560sel ourselves. It was 2 years ago but I don't recall any cussing. If I remember right - we removed the lower member with the ball joint and took it to his 12 ton shop press. We removed the old one and using a variety of metal plates to hold the member at the right angle and using assorted 3/4" drive 1 1/2" 21/2" sockets to fit over the new ball joint as a mating surface (as a press die NOT as a socket)- slowly pressed the new one in. It did take about 3 tries to make sure it was going in straight. If I remember right the whole job took about 2 hours. If we didn't have the press - our Mercedes Dealer said that if we brought in the member with the ball joint in - they would remove and replace for $60.00 CDN. plus new ball joint. Where there is a will - there is a way!!
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