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Robert W. Roe
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Interesting that you mention that the 300D 2.5 turbo starts off in first gear. That would explain why I couldn't get the kickdown switch to do anything on a standing start.

Time for another test drive I believe This car has Michelin X radials on it, not a great tire, I know. I was able to break the rear end loose accelerating hard out of into a corner from a standing start.

Should this model have traction control or some mechanism to prevent slippage of the driven wheels? Do other 124 owners have better luck with Michelin MXV4 H-rated tires? I don't like cars that are unstable in the rain and I'm wondering if the extra weight of the heavier engine up front makes the rear end of the car more skittish in the rain. I wonder if this would this apply to the V8 124's as well.

Any opinions on relative durability of the 300E engine vs. the 2.5 turbo?

Thanks in advance,

Robert W. Roe
1983 300SD 264K mi