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190E Transmission Help - Dilemma

I have a dilemma, and was wondering if someone with technical expertise in transmissions can help. I have a 1992 190 2.6 (123,000 miles) with automatic trans that is slipping in 2-3. I dropped the pan and found clutch material inside. Replacment will be needed. Took it to the independent MB shop who said $1600 to $2300 depending on what they find it needs. Contacted a MB trans rebuilder that is retiring and he said he has a rebuilt on for $1000. Shop dropped my trans, I took it to the rebuilder to swap with him. The trans he has is a 722.408. But he says his is a late model and has the electronic module that delays cold shifts instead of the vacuum unit that is on mine. He says it will still work the same except cold shifts will not be delayed. That is the only difference according to him. Does anyone know if I can use this trans???

Here's the kicker though: He looks at the number stamped on my trans that I brought to him, and it's a 722.400 that he looks up and shows me it's for the earlier 1985 190E 2.3 cars. I gues rebuilding this wouldn't be a good idea. I bought this car used and don't know the whole history.

Can anyone give me insight on either of these 2 matters.

Thanks in advance
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