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please help weird problem on 85 190E 8v

hi,im new to the mercedes world,and just bought a 85 190E from a local dealer its fairly clean,but it seemed slugish so after i bought it me and a buddy put a tune up on it plugs,cap & rotor
and a air cleaner,did not change wires{did not have 60 dollars at the time and they didnt looked cracked} the plugs were bosch platnums.the car ran great for two days when all of a sudden it started missing and smoking when i started it,so i took it back to where i bought it,they had it a couple of hours and said the plug on #1 was fouled but when i explained that couldnt be cause i changed the plugs well then he says it was put in wrong.FISHY!!
anyway the car ran great up till now {about 2 weeks}when yesterday my girlfreind called me saying the car wouldnt start so we went to where the car was i tried starting it but just kept turning over i heard the fuel pump working and even tried hitting it with my hand still the motor wouldnt fire then i wiggled the coil wire,so then i pulled the #1 wire off and was going to check the spark but it started right up{why!!} and ran good till i got home
when i restarted it it acted just like it did before {missing,smoking} i pulled the #1 wire off and no change {weird}im going to pull #1 plug after i write this {please help}
is this car a lemmon or am i missing some thimg easy i dont remeber any of the plugs looking real bad when i changed them
i hope its not oil on the #1 plug will post after i get done how it looks any help would be much appreaceated im already thinking about putting a new plug in # 1 and selling it for what i payed for it i dont wanto cause we like it but dont wana go broke on a lemom{please help}thanks steve
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