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I kinda figured that.What about any exhaust suggestions as far as a nice deep "throaty" sound? Does Metrics have a website (that's a pretty nice deal considering its a new engine-or is it- with such a warranty) or any info you could share to get in touch with them? Man, I always wondered how much of a b-tch it was to do all of that wiring for your car! The techs we show the photos to always say "he's crazy" and I always say "yea, maybe but so is the CAR"!

Did you ever do stuff like the timing chain,etc before you did the install (my buddy was wondering...I'm assuming you knew how many miles was on the transplant engine which probably wasn't enough to be concerned with it?) I'd love to at least get the 86 560 running off in 1st gear and get that euro engine...for now anyway.
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