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Not to deny that the timing is electrically controlled, but by disconnecting and plugging the vac line to the EZL I was able to drop the timing to 5BTC at the distributor. I will quantify or qualify, that the timing did not adjust to 5BTC immediately as it would on the 4.5, but after a slight rise in RPMs, when the engine dropped back to idle the timing dropped from 10BTC to 5BTC and stayed steady.

The 117 manual shows distributor timing for both with and without vacuum - with vac is something like 12-14BTC, with out 3-7BTC (both at idle). Based on that I would think there must be some adjustment ability at the distributor. I will check and see if there is an "up to date" notation that I might have missed.

After I put the tires on tonight I'll put the light on her and see if the readings are the same as yesterdays.

I will also check that vac line for the modulator. What kind of vacuum should I be seeing at idle? I thought 17" was doing pretty good.

As always, thanks.
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