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I've had a 88 300E for about 2 months now. I read the owners manual and assumed the car didn't have an alarm as I don't have a key with a red dot and it never went off.

A least until Saturday morning when I opened the door (it wasn't locked.) The horn started beeping and the lights were flashing. I eventually disconnected the horn but the lights stayed flashing. They eventually stopped. (I didn't try the key in the door, would this have turned it off, I did try it in the ignition.)

It was raining fairly heavily out so I believe I have a short of some kind in the system. I would like some advice on finding the short if possible. Just places to look or common problems.

Also, If I do happen to fix the problem, how can I tell if I have a master key that will turn off the alarm (try turning it off, got that.) But can I get a master key if I don't have one.

Thanks for the great site. Looking forward to buying stuff here.