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Originally posted by pentoman
All sound mainly typical of what you might expect on a high-mileage car, nothing to really say its been poorly maintained, except that the owners dont want to spend any more money on it, and the damage. A 190E wont be nearly as bad to bring back from poor repair as, say an SEL.


From what i have seen for cost of parts I would have to say this is not true. I just bought a 1980 280se (w126) for around $500. body is not perfect but good, put in a new clutch and new tires and for about another 500 it is in very good shape. I have a few things like power locks and a window that still need attention. Parts for the 190 are about the same price as for any other MB. Only exception is the V8 motor. Once you put all the money into it you will never get it out, and it is not anywhere near as nice a car as a SEL. (IMHO) I would look for a better car. I see 190's in good shape for around 2000 around me all the time. From what you described i would think it is only worth a few hundred dollars, given what it needs. Even for that it is going to be a good learning tool! Just do not expect to get your money out of the car if you get in it.
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