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Let me tell you that i have never driven (in my short driving days) a car nearly as nice as my 190E. I have an 86 190E2.3 16V and i love it to death. This car (the 16V with the cosworth head) is easily one of best cars that Mercedes ever made. Mine has 204K miles on it and my father took absolutely perfect and exceptional care of this car before he handed it over to me. We have had to do plenty of work on the car but its performance is worth every second of it. We recently did some body work to remove some rust and that ran me about 1600 for new fenders on all four and new paint on the sides. This is a great car, but i am afriad that an owner who can part with his for 1600 with 140K on it means that it was very poorly taken care of. Plus if you can get it for 1000 it really sounds a bit too sketchy. The owner obviously did not give that car the attention that it needed as far as serviceing it and careing for it on a regular basis. If i was you i would forget about that car because unless you are willing to spend at leat 4000 and are willing to put in a lot of hours into the car it is bound to give you a hassel for its entire life. BUt do not stop looking this car is wonderful and i would keep my eyes out for a 190E and keep an especially close eye to try to find a 190E 2.3 or 2.5 16 valve. They are awsome cars with one of Mercedes best engines.

1986 Euro Black Metallic 190E 2.3 16V
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